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Premiere of Fool Cool Rock in Tokyo

Translation of an article about the Premiere of FCR in Tokyo.
Thank you ONE OK ROCK Australia !

My translation of the article from Cinema Today about the premiere of ONE OK ROCK's FOOL COOL ROCK. The original, Japanese article can be found here:
Fool Cool Rock, the documentary film following the tour of ONE OK ROCK, a rock band young people hold an immense support for, premiered today on the 8th May at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills. The film’s director, Hiroyuki Nakano, was in attendance. For a month and a half throughout 2013, Nakano accompanied the band to 11 countries and 12 performances in order to film their Europe and Asia tour. Nakano said that the film is a representation of ONE OK ROCK, “In a nutshell, generally speaking, it’s a stupid (fool) cool rock band.”

Director Nakano’s comments about the band members were brimming with affection, “If I were to liken them to family, they were sons.” Furthermore, Nakano commented on the ‘real’ (off-stage) Taka, “He’s a lovely/charming person. But sometimes during the tour, when he was writing song lyrics and such at venues, he would close-up and there was this ‘stay away’ barrier. I thought it’s because he’s a person who’s always thinking about the music.”

Still, in regards to the short-term, 11 country tour, Nakano said, “The tour was stricter than some excursion.” And even though, “Personally, it was intense for me, the band would say ‘Nah, it’s fine (comfortable)’.”
“When more difficult situations arose, I was astonished by their composed (calm) state.” Among the cruelty/harsh times, the vitality of the band members impressed Nakano.

In Europe there has yet to be an official CD release, and still the 3000 to 4000 people capacity assembly hall were always filled with fans. Nakano recalls that craze/enthusiasm with a smile.
Fans also seemed content with the completed movie. During the Q&A corner, a Lithuanian women who went to the London performance said, “I’m very thankful for the portrayal of passion that Europe always conveyed. We had a feeling it would be that crowded.” She was able to express her thanks to Nakano once more.

FOOL COOL ROCK will be open to the public from May 16th for a 3 week limited period.

(cr: One Ok Rock European Fans)

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