Senin, 12 Mei 2014

Ryota One Ok Rock Smiling Boy

Ryota Kohama
The youngest member in One Ok Rock
Love his face so much, and of course I love his smile...

and also I love the way he laugh, so deeply relaxing

Sometimes he looks so adorkable...
very dorky hahaha

Ryota also love fishing....

And he is a family man....
Who don't like this pic below?
Cute baby and humble uncle :D

Ryota and his 'wife'

He's sexy. 
No one can't deny

Please support Ryota One Ok Rock :D
Make him shown his beautiful smile for us :D
We love One Ok Rock
We Love Taka
We Love Toru
We Love Ryota
We Love Tomoya

(cr pic : One Ok Rock World, Rokusen, zodiacspirit, google)

ps: my grammar is suck.sorry :D

Enjoy !
Thx for coming
Kapan-kapan Main Lagi Ya...

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