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Setlist Concert One Ok Rock at Toronto Canada

 Setlist Concert One Ok Rock at Toronto

ONE OK ROCK live at Toronto (5/14)
1.Ending Story
2.Deeper Deeper
3.Nothing Helps
4.Let's Take It Someday
5.Clock Strikes
6.Be The Light
10.The Beginning
EN1.Wherever You Are
EN2.No Scared

I guess their concert was success, 

One Ok Rock at backstage after performance

Taka Tshirt

Then we going to Toru Tshirt

Toru’s shirt is this design of @RuiHashimoto’s with the sleeves cut off!

 Another issue from Fool Cool Rock Twitter:

1. 本作のために書き下ろされたONE OK ROCKの新曲 映画主題歌「Decision」発表!http://www.fool-cool-rock.com/news/

2. なぜ、世界をも熱狂させたのかー 「FOOL COOL ROCK!」いよいよ明日から全国ROADSHOW!! http://togetter.com/li/667683


1. New song "Decision" is the them song for our documentary movie "FOOL COOL ROCK! "

2. Merchandise will be only available at the theaters of “FOOL COOL ROCK! ONE OK ROCK DOCUMENTARY FILM”

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Okay, I collect these all information from various sources. I hope it can help you know bout this setlist at Toronto and information from One Ok Rock.
Sorry for many mistakes and my bad grammar :D
Thanks for coming
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