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Interview of ONE OK ROCK for the French magazine « My Rock »

[FEVRIER/FEBRUARY] Interview of ONE OK ROCK for the French magazine « My Rock »

For their very first time, the four japanese boys of ONE OK ROCK gave to their fans two concerts in Paris in the same week. We, as MyRock, wouldn't miss this event for anything and, as we are kind, we brang a girl from the french street team with us.
Interview by Elodie Briffard. Photos by Julien Mecchi.

Journalist : Two concerts in Paris in less than one week ! How are you ? Can you still stand us ? Is everything alright ?
Taka : Yes ! We are very glad to be with you for the second time ! We find you very warm. French fans are incredibles and some of them are following us since our debuts.

Journalist : We wanted to come on your debuts, in 2005, during your high school's years...
Ryota : It's Toru. He had the idea to create a band then he met Taka and Tomoya but we've changed a little bit the line up since our original formation.
Toru : At this time, I didn't really listen to rock music but then I had the envy to express myself that's why I looked for musicians and, finally, I am very proud of what ONE OK ROCK is now. At the beginning I didn't think we could be successfull like that and still less in Europa.

Journalist : And why « ONE OK ROCK » ?
Taka : Actually, ONE OK ROCK is the deformation of « One O'clock » which whose the hour when we could training us. In fact, we were still students and we took a kind of package to play at 1am to the dawn, it was the cheapest niche. But now we can repeat when we want, time has changed !

Journalist : Your newest album is very different from the precedent, can you explain all this changments ?
Taka : Yes, we wanted to try something new. If a band doesn't evolve, it looses all interest. And we didn't want to be easily put in one case. It was not simple for us to change our style. We wanted to go to the overseas whence our actual musical formation. We very proud to show a new side of ONE OK ROCK.

Journalist : How, in this case, was perceived your album ?
Toru : Quite well, I think. Of course there are people who'll prefer what we produced before but the most important for us is to stay coherent as a band and doing what we like. We want to stay sincere even if we are a bit sad to see some fans not understand our evolution.

Journalist : Your're in promotion tour on this album but are you currently working on the next one ?
Taka : We begin to prepare a following discography but we can't say much about it since we still are at the very beginning of this new adventure.

Journalist : Some clues, maybe ?
Taka : In fact, our album will stay in the same direction as the precedent even if we are more and more influenced by western rock. We also want to work on some things to improve us.

Journalist : To finish this interview, have you something to say to the French audience ?
Taka : Yes ! We love you, we are very glad to be here et we are ready to give everything we have ! We even have learnt some French ! We keep it up for the concert !


Trianon Team.
To show their devotion, the four admins of the ONE OK ROCK french team managed a big challenge for the parisian live at Le Trianon. They prepared none less than one thousand white lys origami showed during the song « be the light » in tribute to the 2011 disaster. Taka expressed himself about this : « we were really really touched by what you did. I even cried on the stage. I couldn't sing. The same night of the live, in our tour bus, I still had my flower with me. We really want to thank all of you for everything you do for us. »

Credit : One Ok Rock European Fans Fanpage
News Update !!!
Kabar terbaru dari One Ok Rock tapi belum jelas ini kabar resmi atau bukan. Dikabarkan kalau konser pertama mereka di NY tanggal 7 dibatalkan karena cuaca buruk. Kabar yang benar-benar buruk.
Semoga saja mas mas One Ok Rock baik-baik saja ya... Dan konser mereka bisa berjalan dengan baik.
Sekali lagi kabar ini masih simpang siur. 
Good Nite....
Kapan-kapan Main Lagi ya.....

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