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Fool Cool Rock One Ok Rock Documentary Film

From ONE OK ROCK: The release date for ONE ROCK ROCK`S documentary movie entitled “FOOL COOL ROCK! ONE OK ROCK DOCUMENTARY FILM” had been announced. The movie intimately covers lasts years Asian and European legs of their aptly titled world tour, “Who are you?? Who are we??”
Spanning over a month a half, the movie follows the footsteps of the group though 12 shows in 11 countries; France, Germany, England, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Korea, Thai, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan.


FOOL COOL ROCK Documentary will publish three weeks limited screen start from May 16, 2014 at the theater across the country (Japan). This film featured their live in Europe and Asia (yeah, USA wasn't included). 

Here some screencaps on the documentary video in Jakarta, Indonesia

Look at they excited face :D
And I'm there that time. Hahahaha how happy I am :D

(source :  FOOL COOL ROCK Website & One Ok Rock all Fanpage)


From Rui-san! 

He ssaid he was responsible for the poster's design. \(^o^)/
本日解禁されましたが、ONE OK ROCKの海外ツアー「WHO ARE YOU?WHO ARE WE?」を追いかけたドキュメンタリー映画「FOOL COOL ROCK」が上映決定!ポスター等ビジュアルを担当しました!


This is from Director Hiroyuki Nakano


Director Hiroyuki Nakano comment

When I read the whole volume addicted music comic called "BECK" once,
It was good to think and I'm great I Na music nuance Tteyuu sense of the members of the young band coming in ripped music is not well written.
I thought the day band of Japan are accepted on the music overseas and I wish I wish I come.

And that is great than it was happening in front of as reality.
fans who keep in touch with facebook was making the network in each country around the world.
It was a phenomenon well beyond imagination.

Column of ardent fans who were lined from 2 days in Paris surrounded around the main streets of Montmartre.

To know the sound through all net Te fan Tachigai to wait for Europe Asia side by side from the previous day in the same way, preparation was so good to see the video. Even guys sing Japanese songs.

And were taken all over the world over much two months the day-to-day by Yarakashi playing hot Bucchigiri live house around the world, to spend one's time doing the excitement and sweat and tears customers also members also as a unit.

<Thanks to the music, it is connected servants> I
Taka had to say in the MC, but I was very happy to be able to witness such a universal truth.

The desire and hope to condense the now ONE OK ROCK, try to make the documentary a cool fool best, you've taken with a hand-held live all recklessly.

Is also the front row of the lock, the front row was a groove that love of fans hit the love of the band.
There is no possibility that the cheers of the audience Uo which bathed in the front row is separated from the ear still.
A and also of Taka. It 's cool.

Fool cool This is superlative among the cool. Because it is because I lock.


This is what i got so far:

1. This Documentary Film only for limited screening on theater in May 2014.
2. There is no information about DVD, worldwide release and so on.
3. This only for Asia and Europe show, US tour not included. The director said he took 6 months for the editing. So he can't insert the US tour.
4. The broadcast of ONE OK ROCK SPECIAL on SSTV is different from this. The information said the broadcast including live deception and interviews, not a documentary.
5. How about the international fans? I think they will release this someday, but no announcement yet. This will be a good profit for ONE OK ROCK. I think they just want to show their respect about their Japanese fans who missing them lately.

If you find mistakes in this statement, please correct me 

-- Vino ~ admin of One Ok Rock Wiki --

(source : One Ok Rock Wiki) Thanks Bang Vino !

Yeah, we still waiting until May 16th.

19.40 WIB / 7.40 PM

Happy Wednesday
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