Selasa, 18 Maret 2014

One Ok Rock Taka's Teenager

I found this pic.
Taka look so fresh when he was a little boy.
I love Your small eyes Taka :D

I think he still joined the group when he were before. Boyband's face still on him :D
I saw video when Taka singsing a song on the stage with Yabu Kota (Yabu Kota is member & leader of Japanese Boyband called Hey Say Jump), his voice is so deep. They two singing with all his heart.
I'm so touching.

And this pic is all of member Boyband NEWS include Taka before Taka quit from this group after 3  month.

Now and then, I'm still hoping that Taka will be a cute boy like this :d
Hey, lil boy... leme kiss you :D
Early Morning.
Kapan-kapan Main Lagi ya....
(p.s : Sorry for my bad grammar. My Grammar is suck! hahaha~ but I'm still learning on it)

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